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The Library Re-opens!

The library is open again, as we have been allowed to resume operations under strict conditions. Physical distancing is strictly enforced, everyone entering the library must sign their name and address in case they need to be traced, and all must wear masks and sanitise their hands. Books can be borrowed and when they are returned they are sanitized before being returned to the shelves.

80 year old Mr Maplanka washes his hands

before entering the library

Reading in the library is permitted, but with reduced numbers to allow for distancing; this means that only 22 can be accommodated in the children’s wing, and 66 in the adult wing. However, government encourages children to stay at home as much as possible, and they are not allowed in the central business district. That means that only those who live close by or those who are attending the hospital which is across the road can manage to visit to read and to borrow books.

9 year old Alicia lives near the library and

comes to borrow books.

Our book box programme delivering to primary schools is suspended until schools are able to re-open, which we hope will be before long. All the boxes have been prepared during the closure, and are ready to go as soon as we have the green light.

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