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Preparing for Schools re-opening

Government has announced a schedule for the re-opening of schools in Zimbabwe. This means that Edward Ndlovu Memorial Library can prepare for the re-activation of the book box programme. In mid-September a workshop was held for headmasters at the schools we work with, funded by our partner, ELMA. Protocol for physical distancing and effective hand hygiene were discussed, and hand soap and masks were distributed, as well as brochures for parents and community members in local languages.

September workshop for school heads on corona virus protocol

Preparations are also being made for the distribution of another ten boxes through the Pioneer Book Box scheme, funded by Book Aid International. These boxes will go to schools who currently are not participants in our rotating boxes, but located in the same areas of Gwanda district south. They will retain them as a permanent collection, and we will add to them whenever we are able.

Pioneer Book Boxes

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