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Book Cabinets Donated to Gwanda Prison and Gwanda Provincial Hospital

Prison officers receiving the book cabinet from the Library staff.

In partnership with Book Aid International, Edward Ndlovu Memorial Trust has provided a compact book cabinet to the Gwanda Prison for the use of both officers and prisoners. The "books behind bars" project will provide both leisure reading and material for academic study. Prisoners will be trained to assist in administration of the library box. It is hoped that some of them will read about income-generating projects which might help them once they are released.

Under the same programme, another box has been provided to the Gwanda Provincial Hospital children's ward. Books will be available to children who are missing out on school attendance because they are admitted to hospital. Expecting mothers will also be able to access books to read to their unborn babies, and those visiting the hospital to vaccinate their babies will be able to read books to them as well.

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