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A Clean Audit for 2019

The finances of the Edward Ndlovu Memorial Trust, our partner in Zimbabwe which operates the library programmes, undergo an audit every year. The audit for the 2019 year has been completed, and we have posted the full audit on the website with the reports under the “About” menu. The currency of the audit is US dollars.

The auditors have audited the books of the Trust as a whole, and then provided a separate summary for each of the organisation’s donors. The statement for Edward Ndlovu Community Libraries, appears on ages 18 and 19 of the complete financial statements.

The figures show that we surpassed the budgeted amount that the Trust was expecting from ENCL, which is a wonderful achievement, especially considering the deteriorating value of the Canadian dollar. They also show that most of our funds are allocated towards salaries, which is in accordance with what we have agreed. Some other donors are reluctant to pay for salaries, but we know that without salaries there would be no library. It will be noted that expenditure of our funds does not always coincide exactly with the Zimbabwean financial year, but we do not see that as a problem.

We are happy to be able to have full confidence in our partner, knowing that our donations are being spent for the purposes intended

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