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Study Circle Activity - Goats Galore!

Study circles have continued to be active throughout the lockdown period. In early December two groups of study circles who are raising goats for sale launched their enterprises. Each enterprise brings together two or more goat-rearing study circles who create a feeding pen for fattening the goats for market and a fodder field where feed will be grown. The goats have an increased value when sold.

The photos below show the launch on December 10 of an enterprise by study circles in Ward 14 of Gwanda rural district.

Members of the study circles with some of their goats; more will be brought to the pen as they are ready for fattening

Beautiful goats, aren’t they? The members of the groups have learned about goat diseases and breeding using materials from the book boxes and workshops organized by the library.

Fencing for the fodder field was provided by our donor, Africa Groups of Sweden

Trust board member, Professor Zakhe Mpofu, in action

- Cutting the ribbon

- And planting a tree in the fodder garden

Members of the study circles who have formed enterprises for fattening and marketing goats have a dream of creating an abattoir to cater for all the goat and cattle producers in the area. Edward Ndlovu Memorial Trust is exploring ways of helping them realise this dream.

Some members of the study circles, who are primarily women, dressed up for the occasion

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