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Schools Begin to Open after Covid Closure

In October the government ordered that examination classes (Grade 7 and Form 4) return to schools after the Covid19 closures. Then in early November, all classes were meant to resume. However, there has been an on-going dispute with the teachers’ unions over salaries. They are asking for USD 520, while they are being paid less than half of that. As a result schools are not really functioning. Headmasters are present in primary schools, but the teachers are not there.

Under these conditions we cannot deliver our book boxes. However, we have been able to distribute hand sanitizer and masks for the grade 7 classes which are being taught by the heads. And we are ready to deliver our boxes once schools are open and functioning normally.

Grade 7 class at Tshanyaugwe

Mrs Moyo, from the library staff, presents the headmaster at Tshanyaugwe with enough masks for the Grade 7 class, which he is teaching

Meanwhile, children who are not in school in Gwanda town are coming into the library and enjoying reading while wearing masks and keeping distance. At least this is a partial substitute for attending school.

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