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Book boxes delivered!

Rural schools in Zimbabwe have been closed for almost a full year. When all schools were ordered to close almost exactly a year ago we had to suspend our book box programme for rural primary schools. The boxes have remained ready and waiting ever since they were hurriedly collected in late March 2020.

When covid 19 restrictions were lifted recently, Grade 7 classes resumed on March 15, and all the rest of the classes returned to school on March 22. Our library staff wasted no time in getting the boxes back into the schools. First deliveries took place on Tuesday March 23.

Grade 7 children at Sitezi primary school celebrate their return to class

Two book boxes are delivered at Selonga Primary School in Gwanda South. They are enthusiastic readers, so they get an extra box.

At Dombo Primary School we delivered the book box just as the school was busy installing a solar panel to enable e learning

The rural schools have been seriously disadvantaged during the pandemic, as they have not been able to benefit from online learning that was available to some urban children. They have missed a whole year of schooling - an enormous setback. We hope our books will help them to catch up.

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